Camp Basic Information

Medical staff will be onsite throughout the camp weekend.  In the event of an emergency, campers will be transported by ambulance (note: all Minnesota ambulances are equipped with epinephrine, oxygen, and defibrillators), to Ridgeview Medical Center, which is 11.44 miles (16 minutes) from the camp.* 

*In the very unlikely event of needing to transport a patient upon doctor’s orders, the hospital is also equipped with medical helicopters for patient transport to Children’s Hospitals in Minneapolis or St. Paul, or to Hennepin County Medical Center.  Parents or guardians are responsible for any medical costs incurred as a result of injury or illness while their child is at camp. Accurate medical insurance information (carrier and policy number) is required by camp.

  • Each camper will have their own bed.
  • Each cabin has its own private single-person toilet room and also private single-person shower room.
  • Each cabin is 2 stories high, has electricity, ceiling fans, and heating.
  • Each cabin will have at least 2 adult supervisors
  • A boys’ cabin and a girls’ cabin will be used.
  • Family campers will be grouped together by gender (i.e. mother-daughters; father-sons) and placed in the same gender cabin.  Fathers/daughters and mothers/sons will be separated by gender (there is a possibility that exceptions may be made based on age and availability of co-ed space).  A separate cabin may be requested by a family at an additional charge.
  • Overnight campers are provided 5 meals (Saturday breakfast, lunch, supper; Sunday breakfast, lunch); day campers are provided 3 meals (lunch & supper on Saturday and lunch on Sunday).
  • Menus will be created with help from parents/guardians to accommodate each camper’s allergy or celiac needs, and strict procedures will be followed to protect against exposure to food allergens.

Campers will follow their physician’s orders in regards to epinephrine and albuterol (i.e. they may carry medications with parental approval, otherwise staff will carry or store emergency medication on their behalf).