Dear friends of AFAA Camp,
It is with a heavy heart that we share with you that the June 3-5, 2016 AFAA Camp has been cancelled. We are communicating with Voyageur Environmental Center to see if it will be possible to offer camp later this year so that campers, families, volunteers, and donors will not have to wait 12 months to participate in AFAA Camp: we will reach out to you with any developments.
This is a result of circumstances entirely outside of our control: earlier this month we were told that our insurance policy no longer covered the programs and events that we have engaged in for many years!
This is astonishing: we have in place risk management protocols and policies that exceed those of all other food allergy non-profits in the United States. 
This insurance situation was sudden, unexplained, and threw us into a crisis for the existence of all our programming.
Working ceaselessly these past few weeks with a new company and agent, we now await the new insurance contracts.
This serious situation is being resolved, thankfully, after hundreds of hours of work.  
It has been distressing to us to know how many people are affected by this fiasco.  We are communicating with Voyageur to see if it will be possible to offer camp later this year.
Thank you for your continued interest and support of AFAA Camp and stay tuned for when we can schedule it in the future.
Nona Narvaez

A camp for those with food allergies! 

Options: Overnight Camping * Day Camping * Kids With Peers * Family Camping * Teen Assistant Program

Voyageur Environmental Center - Mound, Minnesota

Summer camping is something every child should experience.  Now there is a camp that accommodates food allergic children and their families -

  •     Camping experience for food allergic kids
  •     Kid camping and family camping available
  •     Meals will accommodate each food allergic camper
  •     Overnight or day camping available
  •     Program organized & supervised by parents of food allergic campers
  •     Dialogue with other parents while campers enjoy camp activities
  •     AFAA Camp is at the Voyageur Environmental Center in Mound, Minnesota; just west of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, close to the western edge of Lake Minnetonka.
  •     AFAA Camp is close to Twin Cities' medical facilities (11 miles).
  •     Staff will be trained to respond to anaphylactic emergencies & manage allergen exposure.