Policy Leadership

Public Policy Efforts - Spearheading Legislation, Providing Written Analysis, Meeting Policymakers, and Testifying on Legislation and Ordinances

2002 Epinephrine in MN Ambulances

(Legislative Chief Authors: Rep. Alice Hausman, Senator Ellen Anderson; Co-Authors: Rep. Ron Erhardt)

2004 Epinephrine Accessibility in MN Schools

(Legislative Chief Authors: Rep. Karen Klinzing, Senator Mady Reiter, Co-Authors; Senator Ellen Anderson)

  2004 Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA)

2007 Amino Acid/Elemental Formula Coverage

(Legislative Chief Authors: Rep. Cy Thao; Senator Patricia Torres-Ray)

2009 St. Paul Restaurant Ordinance

(Chief Author: Council Member Melvin Carter III)

2010-present FDA Food Code Rule Revision

2010 US Department of Transportation Public Comments

2013 Conference for Food Protection Issue Submission regarding release of FDA Guidance Documents

2013 Stock Epinephrine in MN Schools

(Legislative Chief Authors: Rep. Ryan Winkler, Senator Charles Wiger)

2013 Allergen Threshold Levels in Manufactured Food Public Comments

2014 Conference for Food Protection Issue Proposal for FDA Guidelines for Retail Establishments, and support for creation of food allergy committee

2015 Stock Epinephrine in MN Camps, Colleges, Universities, Preschools & Daycares

(Legislative Chief Authors: Rep. Nick Zerwas, Senator Jim Carlson)

2016 Conference for Food Protection Issue Proposals for improvements and demonstration of knowledge regarding retail establishment food labeling of allergens